The Budget Traveller
Balaji Srinivasan has been travelling since March 2009, making rare stopovers in Mumbai when a broken arm or a diminishing balance needs attention. He has travelled around India on foot, by bus, by train, by car, by air but never by chance – quitting a regular job for travelling was no drunken decision. Having relished a lot of what this country can offer, he has spread his wings further, and has started travelling overseas. His notebooks are filled with his scratches and squiggles, and finally, finally, he has taken the time out to relate his travel tales to the world.

The Designated Driver
While Bala looks for the cheapest deals and the most economic ways to get around places, Rituraj Narain first checks if he can drive to the destination. His work, cinematography, has taken him to many countries, and when he’s back home, he loves being on the road, either cycling or behind the steering wheel.

The Navigator
She’d probably never go anywhere alone, but if there’s company, she’s game. Mayuri Mehrotra is the typical ‘touristy’ traveller with the snacks, music, camera and maps always ready. She never goes anywhere without checking the route on at least two maps, and finds it very exciting to try the route suggested by online maps than by common sense.

Get in touch:
Bala: @wyxyzy on Twitter
Rituraj: @riturajn on Twitter
Mayuri: @chanimehro on Twitter