And we’re back… maybe

A few months ago, perhaps fueled by covid 19 induced insecurities (both mental and financial), I made an impulsive announcement about shutting down this site/blog/whatever it is. But then, on the brink of the expiration of the domain, I felt a painful pang about letting go of something I’ve put some degree of time and effort over the years, regardless of the meagre rewards they might have brought.

So, I don’t know what this is going to lead to. More posts, less posts, no posts but for the time being, the site is up and alive. One thing I do hope for is fewer kneejerk “content” like the previous post. I haven’t traveled in the last 2 years, so if I do end up writing something for the blog, it’ll be recounting old memories of old travels.

Let’s see where this goes and what happens.

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